Eric Feuillatte founded Etradex in 1989 after working for Champagne Pommery in the US where he arrived in 1985. To be the permanent liaison between the US importer and Pommery headquarters offered valuable experience: rethinking Pommery’s strategy in the US, identifying a new importer and explaining business cultural differences to each party.

From 1989 to 2000 Etradex primarily advised mid-size companies with innovative products or process to enter the US market, defining and implementing their entry strategy. Clients came from a variety of industries that gave Mr. Feuillatte an in depth experience of working with mid size companies both European and American and market knowledge in those of industries.

In the late 90’s the French banking industry started it restructuring and US branches limited their services to mid-size companies. Mr. Feuillatte had contacts with M&A department for mid-size companies of French banks that ended up without in-house support. Etradex started to fill their needs and took its current positioning as an M&A specialist in the US for European mid-size companies.

Prior to his coming to the US, Eric Feuillatte was Senior Vice-President of Sales at Vernhes SA, a leading wine and spirit distributor in Paris, France. He was managing a sales force of 40 and greatly participated to the launch of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.

He received his education in marketing at Paris-Dauphine University in Paris.